Since the start of our surgery, we have been striving for the high quality of our services. We were aware that none of our intervention in the teeth would cause you to feel good or be in a good mood. On the contrary, patients perceive every dental procedure as an unpleasant thing. Therefore, they enter a dental surgery with fears and some even stressed. We are trying to eliminate these negative approaches. That is why we accepted the creed of the surgery in January 2000 which we have been following since. It is expressed in a simple sentence: ‘With fear to us – with a smile from us’.

The professionalism of our staff, the quality of materials, the creation of a positive approach to the procedure, the continuous improvement of our expertise; together, they form the quality of service. The international standard ISO 9001 called the Quality Management Systems is well-known today. Requirements for the quality of production or service provision. The ISO 9001 standard specifies the principles for a manufacturer or a service provider the main objective of which is a satisfied customer, in our case the patient. The Quality System Certificate can be obtained when a service provider meets the requirements of the standard.

Our surgery boasts the fact that it is the first medical facility in Slovakia which received the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate already in August 2000. After a demanding audit, the certificate was awarded by the world-famous Swiss certification organization Société Générale de Surveillance, based in Geneva. Audits are conducted annually to ensure that the level of quality system and care of patients-clients does not decrease. We have defended the quality of our work ten times since the certification. We apply the quality system even after extending our surgery by another chair and renaming our surgery to R+R DENTAL OFFICE.

We strive to follow our company’s creed constantly. We buy the finest materials, strive for painless procedures, modernize the equipment and, most importantly, apply one of the main principles of quality management: customer orientation and the principle of continuous improvement.