About Us

R+R Dental office is a private dental clinic that does not have contracts with insurance companies. It is focused on preventive and aesthetic dentistry. A pleasant environment, approach of the dentists and nurses, painless treatment is a guarantee that your fear of treatment will become a memory.

We accept new patients without having to transfer a health card.

Our key factors are:

  • Trust – we want to earn it
  • Professionalism at a high level
  • Quality is matter of course
  • Approach which make you pleasantly surprised
  • Education that you will appreciate
  • You will leave with smile
Kľúčove faktory


The priority of our surgery is that every treatment is painless, and what is more, the anaesthesia itself is painless. All this is done thanks to modern anaesthetics, applicators and thoughtful application.

Bezbolestnosť ošetrenia

Minimum waiting time

We have a ordering system so there is practically no waiting time. You will be treated at the given date and time you have ordered to.

Term for treatment range from 1-2 weeks. We are trying to make everybody satisfied.

We are trying to solve every painful case on the day after consultation with the patient.

Patient education

Our objective is to educate our patients in the field of oral health from early childhood, to create habits in the field of proper nutrition, dental hygiene and regular check-ups.

  • Education of mothers during pregnancy
  • Creating hygiene habits from childhood
  • Explanation of causes of tooth decay
  • Improving the tooth brushing technique
  • Creating the habit of regular check-ups
  • Education in the field of healthy nutrition